Saturday, August 12, 2017

3 Dead, 35 Injured Amid Violent Protests, Car Attack, & Chopper Crash In Charlottesville

City Manager Maurice Jones confirms that 3 people are dead (1 from the car attack and 2 police in a helicopter crash) and 35 more were injured following a disastrous day in Charlottesville that bagen with violent protests. Furthermore, Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas confirmed the driver is being charged with criminal homicide.


Subterranean Homesick News said...

A nation divided cannot stand. Now who would want that? Does George Soros' name pop into your mind? Does the term globalist pop into your mind? Many groups both left and right are driven by the same parties. So does the CIA or FBI come to your mind. Remember Gladio, and Cointelpro to name just two. One prominent person who attained the White House without doing anything in his life was one guy named Obama, if that is his real name. He did more to fuel black racism in this country than anyone else. This of course precipitated a reaction from the white community, and he kept fanning the flames as he is now doing from his office in DC.

A country that looses its heritage, i.e. culture will be easier to control, and that is exactly what is bringing this protest on. The mayor wants to sell the statue of General Robert E. Lee that is displayed in Charlottesville. Do away with your heritage and mine, and we are easier to control. He then wants to take the proceeds to pay for reparations to the descendants of the slaves.

No protestor on either side other this arranged dispute was either a slave owner, nor a slave. This is something that he just cannot fathom.

My father came from a country of all white, but he was discriminated against. He spoke the same language, and was a Christian like his oppressor. The oppressors were protestant, and the oppressed were catholic. He said to me that the oppressors, and the oppressed did not realize that their real enemy was fanning the flames of bigotry, hatred, and oppression so that neither side would recognize the real enemy, So to it is with Charlottesville.

Subterranean Homesick News said...

If you think that you are free you are wrong. Your are owned. Read this article, and do further research.