Saturday, June 25, 2016

Judge Andrew Napolitano Says on Live TV

“Not One Person Died Before 5:13am”

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 14:28
(Before It's News)
On 6/20/16 I WAS  watching Fox News LIVE broadcast of “ONE LUCKY GUY”at around 12:05 pm EST .  Along with the regular cast, was the :One Lucky Guy” ..Judge Andrew Napolitano.  As the FBI had just released the “REDACTED ” version of the calls to 911 by the Orlando Muslim terrorist, they were discussing the ABSURDITY of editing out just ONE PHRASE. And everyone already knew what “that” was sooooo??  They were all getting very excited about this OBVIOUS censorship and WHY…all them getting pissed. Then Judge Napolitano BLURTS OUT “WELL I HAVE SEEN THE UNREDACTED VERSION AND ALL I WILL SAY IS …NOT ONE SOUL DIED BEFORE 5:13 AM”  Then immediately cut to commercial.
Cannot find this footage ANYWHERE.  I heard many others comment on seeing the SAME THING. But the original LIVE footage is NO WHERE to be found (at least I cant find it) Glen beck repeated The Judge’s words If anyone had their DVR on at the time look for this and post it everywhere.
This PROVES it’s all a lie!  How could ANY of it be true, if NOT “ONE” SOUL DIED BEFORE 5:13 AM, the EXACT time the police stormed the building! In a building rated by the fire marshal to hold NO MORE THAN,,45 ? people there were OVER 300.  And with only “9″ (nine)  parking spaces, where were the 112 cars they returned to victims yesterday parked at exactly.  Why would it take DAYS to identify the bodies of people who OBVIOUSLY needed ID “ON THEM” to get in the Bar in the first place.  But what’s really hard to understand is..BY LAW, all nightclubs close at 2:00 am.  DOORS LOCKED, NO ONE ELSE COMES IN, DRINKS OFF THE TABLES…but they let in a FULLY ARMED MAN WITH LONG GUNS at 2:05 who ”SUPPOSEDLY” Started shooting immediately…YEAH??
The Guy who “TURNED HIMSELF IN” To CALIFORNIA sheriffs last week (never was arrested) ”BEGGING FOR PROTECTION FROM THE CIA” What he then tells her is “he drove there with a car full of weapons from N. Carolina? to meet up with another to blow up the GAY PRIDE PARADE. He explained he had, along with “The Orlando shooter” and  others planned a “double attack”.  But when he arrived in SF area his contact had “JUST DISAPEARED” from his apartment, unable to contact him he said he waited around. UNTIL HE SAW THAT THEY HAD KILLED THE SHOOTER IN ORLANDO. He said ” THEY WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO DIE, HE WAS SUPPOSED TO GET AWAY WITH HIS WIFE.  THEY KILLED HIM AND NOW THEY ARE GOING TO KILL ME.  He was Franticly begging for protection from the CIA, when the FBI came and took possession of him. Never to be seen or heard from again The ORIGINAL Tweet said .. 
the Tweet from Sheriff Personally, the only eye witness, was scrubbed twice so far.