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American Special Forces, SAS Captured by ISIS at al Bukamal, Syria

Saturday, July 2, 2016 17:41
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[VeteransToday] Two news stories today, least of which is the downing of a Syrian SU 22 by the al Islam Army, a Saudi Arabian paid force armed with American Stinger type missiles and Russian SAM 7s. Another Syrian jet was downed in Idlib ten days ago.
The second story is an American disaster, one being kept secret, a botched operation at the Iraqi/Syrian border that represents the kind of intelligence failure easily predicted when allies like Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, who all took part in the planning, are deeply invested in an American failure. We begin.
A combined US, British airborne special operation in remote Eastern Syria, at the confluence of the Euphrates River and the border with Iraq, went very wrong and will not be reported. American and British “technicians” were captured, along with Jordanian advisors and 20 survivors of the US-trained New Syrian Army, which was virtually wiped out during the botched operation.
A unit of the US-trained New Syrian Army was wiped out in an attack on an ISIS-controlled agricultural airstrip at al Bukamal, a short distance from the Iraqi border and the city of al Qa’im.
Our sources at the scene describe the operation, which began with a two-day long, 200-plus mile convoy that moved up from the CIA training center at the Syrian-Jordanian border north to attack ISIS. They were joined by American and British special operations advisors, US Army Special Forces and British SAS, who parachuted in just before the attack.
The attack, at dawn June 30, began with the New Syrian Army seizing the small airport at Bukamal, an agricultural airstrip converted to an ISIS underground command center. This was followed by an American bombing attack across a number of “targets” in the area. Then the Americans dropped leaflets advising locals to leave the area. ISIS did not leave, not hardly, they were waiting.
Before the New Syrian Army and their American, British and Jordanian advisors could consolidate, up to 400 ISIS fighters came out of tunnels that stretch all the way across the border to al Qa’im in Iraq and quickly mopped up the entire group taking as many prisoners as possible.
Along with the prisoners, ISIS seized the entire convoy of vehicles, along with radios and weapons. A deep suspicion is now being accepted at the Pentagon, that ISIS has been trained by US and British advisors, rumored to be with L3 Corporation, Dyncorp and others, over not weeks but years, under the guise of putting together a special operations combined force to protect the Gulf States. American trainers were paid $350k per year to train a force seen only twice, once during the Benghazi attack and now, as the core cadres of ISIS.
There should be no surprise at the things ISIS accomplishes, considering their best were trained to US Army Special Forces standards, with tens of millions spent. As to who was politically behind this is another story. None of the funding was American, not officially anyway. VT knows those who worked on the project, and we were not told, but had so much money thrown at us that we couldn’t easily refuse.
Since the first outing for ISIS was the Benghazi attack, with clear overtones of a combined CIA op in coordination, and our sources here are impeccable, with traitorous right wing pro-Israeli American billionaires, we can now clearly see the treasonous role the CIA is playing in Syria and Iraq and better understand the current “waffling” of Erdogan and his strong desire to get as far away from this as he can.
There is a total information crackdown on this debacle, a major American failure and a huge failure for President Obama. Everyone with information about this has been taken into custody or silenced, this is that serious.
[SouthFront] The ISIS terrorist group has repelled the advance of the US-backed militant group, knowns as “New Syrian Army”, helped by Western-backed special forces near the strategic city of Al-Bukamal in the Deir Ezzor province.
ISIS fighters have reportedly killed 40 NSyA militants and captured 15 others. 6 vehicle-mounted automatic cannons and 6 trucks loaded with ammunition have been also captured by ISIS.
The NSyA has withdrawn from the recently captured al-Hamadan military airport and the nearby Hamdan village.
ISIS-linked media outlets have released photos and videos of weapons and equipment alledgedly captured from the NSyA:
Since the first outing for ISIS was the Benghazi attack, with clear overtones of a combined CIA op in coordination, and our sources here are impeccable, with traitorous right wing pro-Israeli American billionaires, we can now clearly see the treasonous role the CIA is playing in Syria and Iraq and better understand the current “waffling” of Erdogan and his strong desire to get as far away from this as he can.

[ZurichTimes] To clarify and explain what these developments means here is our best attempt. What we are witnessing is treason from within the rank and file of the American Anglo Zionist Empire. The actors and agencies within these Governments and UnIntelligence Agencies are now all fighting against one another openly. Each one is funding its own group Terrorist Group with arms and training while another group from within the same Government same country same peoples are openly backstabbing them with leaked intelligence to thwart their gains and plans for Syria.
Nobody will thread on Syria without consequences. And that entire region is called and Syria is not just the nation of Syria located on modern day maps. In the hearts and minds of those in the Middle East and according to the Quran the region known as Syria is much larger. It is not without this understanding that the original name for the Demons of Daesh was not ISIS, but was actually ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant]. The Levant according to Wikipedia is modern day usage;
The term is also occasionally employed to refer to modern events, peoples, states or parts of states in the same region, namely Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey are sometimes considered Levant countries. 
The saying in Texas is “Don’t Tread on Me” but a new slogan is needed to explain the quagmire that is called Syria. This quagmire is one only Jesus and the Russians will be able to sort out in the end times. Yes “it is that serious” as Gordon Duff and SouthFront both point out.
We are as a result witnessing the end of not one but several Empires namely the American Anglo one and the birth of a new Formation called Pax Judaica. The Erdogan apology to Russia and the mending of fences with Israel and the Alliance with Saudi Arabia are all part of the same equation in Syria.
A new Empire has been birthed and it is called Pax Judaica under the rule of the Anti-Christ figure known in Islam as the Dajjal and by Christians as the Anti-Chirst and by Jews as their long awaited Messiah or Moshiach. All intelligence for Syria is now being run out of Zionist Israel for the best interests of Zionist Israel and the Dajjal whose mission is pure death and mayhem for the masses. 

The Islamic Eschatological response to seeing or hearing about the Dajjal emerging in human form is to flee. Not fight or resist or wonder what is going on, but to run into the woods. Yes it is that serious because he is a power that cannot be defeated by anyone other than Jesus or Isa ibn [Son of] Maryam as the Muslims call him and whom the Jews rejected for their Serpent God.
And from where will the Dajjal emerge according their beliefs and teachings? Answer, from Iran. As the Middle East is craved up today to be sacrificed for Zionist Israel and as the forces to build the Third and Final Temple of Zion gather we are about to witness the emergence of the Dajjal in human form very soon, but first Constantinople (modern day Istanbul) must fall to the Russians and the a Great War must occur in the region.

Another Snake and Serpent reference in recent news.
What this situation highlights and confirms also is that all 3 Major Religions Islam Christianity and Judaism have all been hijacked by the Forces of Darkness;
  • The Wahhabis/Salafis/Takfiris are playing that role within Islam. 
  • The Jesuits/Vatican Elites are playing that role within Christianity. 
  • And the Hasidics/Khazarian European Non-Semites Zionists are playing that role within Judaism.

Hail Hydra was what Captian America Amerika said in 2016 as he took off his mask and showed his true colours and affiliations…