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False Flag Alert!

PizzaGate Threatens the Global Power Structure! Anything Goes in D.C. Until the Inauguration!

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Used To Take Down

The Alt Media…

Unless We Are Vigilant



This Is The Most Important Video On The Internet Today

SOS: Alt Media Under Serious Threat By PIZZAGATE False Flag!

The Alternative Media right now faces the greatest existential threat since its inception in 1995 with the advent of the Internet.
The “Scandal of the Millennium” known as PIZZAGATE was not supposed to go prime time.  It really wasn’t.
However, in this day and age of information highways crisscrossing all over the Internet while the likes of WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden, Anonymous and Guccifer were on the loose, many a Pandora’s box (PB) has been opened.
The most radioactive of these PB’s is clearly PIZZAGATE.  Truly, if ever there was one scandal capable of taking down the whole God-forsaken System, it is PIZZAGATE.
Our proof is that the Mainstream Media (MSM) has literally gone ballistic.  Remember, the media magnates who control the media corporations are into their own versions of PIZZAGATE.  Hence, at the end of the day, all similar pedogates are inextricably connected. Just as Hollywood pedophilia and Beltway pedophilia are “joined at the hip”.
The current reality is that the world power structure that is manned by human beings is quite vulnerable to being blackmailed and bribed, coerced and compelled to do things they would not otherwise do.  What is usually being held over their heads like the Sword of Damocles is the threat of a manufactured pedophilia scandal being outed by the local media.

This thing is so BIG the World Shadow Government will react with fury and ferocity.

And why wouldn’t they, the WSG itself is now in great jeopardy as it faces its own very serious existential threats. When one truly understands that the entire Global Control Matrix is itself controlled by pedophilia, Satanic ritual child sexual abuse, child pornography, child rape, child trafficking, etc., then it’s easy to see why the power structure will not permit the Alt Media to disseminate its investigative findings so freely regarding PIZZAGATE.
Special Note:
The TMR editor started writing an article on a very strong premonition that began on Monday of Thanksgiving week.  The premonition was that the owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza would either be violently killed or suicided or his massage pizza parlor would be blown up or shot up via a classic CIA false flag black operation.  This very strong intuition then went on to inform the clandestine plot being used by TPTB to blame it on the Alt Media that is aggressively investigating PIZZAGATE.   In this way, every Alt Media platform that has posted anything about this exploding scandal would be tagged as a “fake news website”.  Once this occurred, hearings would be held in Congress to address the ‘growing problem’ of fake news.  Of course, it is the MSM that is the biggest purveyor of fake news on the Internet… as well as throughout world history.   All the MSM does is propagandize 24/7—worldwide.  Everything they disseminate is fake and fraudulent as it is produced by phony journalists.

Surely the reader gets the picture.

If you don’t get it, please watch this urgent video asap.  It is perhaps the single most important video on the net today.  Yes, it’s that critical!
What makes this video especially relevant is that the producer developed the identical narrative as The Millennium Report editor but did so INDEPENDENTLY of ours.  It was only the Thanksgiving holiday that prevented us from getting our article completed.  Now with Barry Soetoro’s excellent video uploaded on YouTube, we are quite confident that we can avert the false flag(s) that are being engineered to shut down alternative news sites across the country.
For those who do not quite understand what is being asserted here, it is this: PIZZAGATE is the greatest scandal of the millennium with the potential to collapse the U.S. Federal Government, after it dissolves the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration.  It was found out in a way that surprised all of those rich and powerful who are directly involved.  Now that this genie is out of the bottle, there is no way of putting it back in.  Hence, they will systematically “kill every messenger” that spreads any pejorative evidence or damning information.
TPTB can only “kill all the messengers” by taking a sweeping action against the Alt Media. The “fake news” meme began after PIZZAGATE and first made its way onto the Internet after election day.  Not only did the MSM blame the Alt Media for the election of Donald Trump, they especially gin up the “fake news” charge against those sites that post on PIZZAGATE.    When the two major newspapers of record — The Washington Post and The New York Times — print front page articles explaining the iniquities of PIZZAGATE, it’s quite obvious they have some serious problems.
Clearly the MSM saw a golden opportunity to take down a whole lot of truth-seeking citizen journalists and alternative news websites in one fell swoop.  The more that they can tar and feather the Alt Media with PIZZAGATE “fake news”, the more they will do something very desperate. This is where PIZZAGATE  is actually a double-edged sword, and can badly hurt both sides of this epic battle for the soul of the nation and ongoing info war.


If the reader has happened upon this post, it is not by accident.  Every single person who receives this article ought to take it very seriously, even if there is not a dramatic false flag event.
What makes this unfolding situation all the more consequential is that the Alt Media is challenging the MSM like never before.  As a matter of fact, the Alt Media is growing so big, so fast that it will soon overwhelm the MSM.  The corporate media know this and will do everything within their power to forestall their end.  They know that many higher-ups will go to prison for life for covering up so many heinous crimes both at home and abroad.
This is the intensifying predicament that the whole nation faces at this very moment.  It will get very ugly very fast no matter what how PIZZAGATE evolves.  Therefore, it is highly advised that everyone takes the sage advice from the video.  From this point forward as the Alt Media warriors march forward in the deep investigation of PIZZAGATE, caution is highly recommended.  Any type of slander or libel ought to be strictly avoided.  Let the facts speak for themselves as there are many and they are very incriminating.
Lastly, please pass this post on.  Spread it far and wide so that everyone sees what is truly at stake.  The whole Alternative Media now sits on a precipice that only we can step back from.  We can also preclude false flags from occurring by spotting them in advance and warning all concerned.  Those false flag operations that do take place can be quickly identified and deconstructed for the frauds that they are.
The Millennium Report
November 27, 2016
Editor’s Note
The false flag warning issued in this post should not be taken lightly.  The U.S. Federal Government has arrogated unlawful powers unto itself to conduct false flag operations against the American citizenry when certain conditions related to national security have been met.  You can be sure that those who run the US Inc. see the explosive revelations associated with PIZZAGATE as a grave matter of national security.
Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government, for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.
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