Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Muslim ban" hypocrisy:

Left quiet when Obama also halted visas

There has been hysterical media  condemnation of Donald Trump's decision to refuse visas to travellers from seven mainly Muslim countries, including Iraq, for the next 90 days. 
The discovery in 2009 of two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists living as refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky -- who later admitted in court that they'd attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq -- prompted the bureau to assign hundreds of specialists to an around-the-clock effort aimed at checking its archive of 100,000 improvised explosive devices collected in the war zones, known as IEDs, for other suspected terrorists' fingerprints...
As a result of the Kentucky case, the State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011, federal officials told ABC News – even for many who had heroically helped U.S. forces as interpreters and intelligence assets.
Journalists are also questioning Trump's choice of seven countries from which immigration and visits will be suspended for 90 days, while vetting procedures are checked. Some journalists suggest Trump is corrupt - being driven by vested interests:
Meanwhile, no visas will be issued for 90 days to migrants or visitors from seven mainly Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen...
Still, some Muslim countries were spared from Mr Trump’s blacklist, even though they have clear ties to terrorism.
According to the New York Daily News, Mr Trump doesn’t hold any business interests in any of the countries on the list, but holds major stakes in several of those excluded from it, records show.
But, once again, the same seven countries were singled out by President Barack Obama's administration for special security precautions. The choice was his, not Trump's, and no one in the media complained.
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