Friday, February 17, 2017

Oroville Dam: Secrets They Are Not Telling You

Rainfall Projections Overtop Emergency Spillway? (Video)

Friday, February 17, 2017 3:25
(Before It's News)
With five overlapping weather forecast rainfall models, a full 3-5 inches of precipitation will fall in the drainage basin of the Oroville Dam, which will raise water levels faster that the damaged spillway can out flow over topping the emergency spillway by 13 feet. The last over top was 2-2.5 feet. Are you ready for the effects if the spillway ruptures as the water will damage natural gas pipelines, food deliveries and scour away roadways?
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Here’s an interesting message

“Hi Jim: A relative who lives in Calif and does big contracting work out there says money was allocated to the maintenance of the Oroville dam, but it was used for something else. (like the new rail line?) Ana”
My response: I would not be surprised. Here’s a nice little unrelated tidbit – I have an acquaintance who is a contractor. He tried to get hired on by the state so he could start getting state projects. And right up front, in negotiations for being qualified, he was told that he had to give kickbacks to certain people, or he would not get any contracts. He did not seem to be bothered by it, all he did was run the math, figured out he was getting paid so much more for the work than was needed that he could turn a good profit and pay the kickback.
That is how it all runs I’d bet, in all governments everywhere. THAT IS HOW YOU END UP WITH A $700 TOILET SEAT.
There is so much crap getting spewed about Oroville and the coming rains that I cannot sort it out.
Watch and wait. If you live in the flood zone, get whatever is most important in the car ready to go. Watch the water levels. If they come to within 3 feet of the top of the emergency spillway and are rising rapidly, I would say that is your signal to bug out and be ahead of the wave.
Watch the video below about the secrets they are not telling you..