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May Day in Puerto Rico was met with large union protests island wide. #ParoNacional protests swelled across the island effectively shutting it down. The day started off peaceful but eventually tensions rose and protesters clashed with police after several buildings in San Juan’s “Golden Mile” district were vandalized. Police arrested 14 protesters and fired tear gas into hostile crowds.
The situation is quickly escalating and Puerto Rico does not have the resources to deal with this. I am predicting that all hell is about to break loose.
People are furious over cuts to public employee benefits, higher water rates, privatization of government operations, and tax hikes. Puerto Rico’s working class is being hit the hardest. Puerto Rico owes an estimated 70 billion dollars it cannot currently repay.
There is also outrage over the prospect of funding being cut to the islands only state university. Massive cuts are also being proposed for schools across Puerto Rico.
The job outlook is grim and there is a mass exodus of Puerto Ricans coming to the US mainland looking for work. It is estimated that roughly 500,000 people have left Puerto Rico looking for jobs in the last decade. The island is home to 3.4 million American Citizens.
People on the streets are yelling things like “Ricky is selling the island!” referring to Governor Ricardo Rosello. The belief is that Puerto Rico is being sold into financial slavery to Wall Street fat cats.
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Aerial photo of one  protest crowd in . Image by @Rene_Kermit
The truth is that the budget crisis has been looming for decades as prior administrations borrowed money without ever caring to deal with budget deficits that would eventually balloon to create the crisis we are seeing today. Puerto Rico has not been able to reach an agreement with bondholders and debtors.
There is a sentiment among these protesters that they have had enough of Puerto Rico’s government corruption and disastrous fiscal policy and resent Washington for covering up Wall Street predatory lending.
Mark my words, the island is primed for massive upheaval. Record unemployment coupled with government job cuts, government employee benefit cuts, education cuts, and an astronomical crime rate and austerity measures will push people to the brink. Governor Ricardo Rosello and Washington D.C. are going to lose control of the island within the next 6 to 12 months and will require a declaration of civil emergency and deployment of the national guard.
Puerto Rico can no longer remain a colony, a decision has to be made as to whether Puerto Rico will become and independent nation, or obtain statehood. Residents on both sides of the statehood/independence argument have one thing in common, they resent colonialism.
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This protestor’s Sign: “Why be silent when I was born screaming?” Underwear: “Monitor this” 😂  
Culminando la actividad en la Milla de Oro
Protestors throwing rocks at buildings and windows, are pushed back by police
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The communists are also coming out of the shadows.
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Si este es tu latido, dejame decirte una cosa mi amigo, tienes q ir a un buen cardiologo pq vas por mal camino. 1Mayo2017 
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Ser Trabajador y Apoyar La Derecha Es Una Contradicción.    
The movement in Puerto Rico has begun linking with the Venezuelan peoples protest movement.
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@NOalosImpuestos Vamos Vamos: paralicemos el pais   
I wont be surprised if it eventually comes out that George Soros also has his hands in this.