Saturday, June 25, 2016

Trump Assassin Trained with Omar!

Tied to Hillary? Wow!

Friday, June 24, 2016 13:05

Get this out everywhere!  Alternative media just broke the biggest story ever!  Trump Assassin trained with Omar Matteen and it goes much further!  
I talked to the man behind this story last night!  He goes by the name of Tyg to hide his true identity.  He got a lawyer into the jail to talk to James Howel!  I put the information in the video above.
Howell was arrested and tied to an attack on the gay parade in LA!   Tyg told me this would bring down Hillary IF it goes viral!   Watch the video and send to everybody!  They beat a lawyer within an inch of death over this!  Use this story to see who is REAL and who is FAKE in alternative media!  
When interviewed at the LACJ (Los Angeles County Jail) by our staff attorney an investigative reporter, Brenda Corpian, Howell further elaborated on his original statements. Brenda was allowed to speak with Howell as a licensed attorney considering representing him.
Brenda: You originally mentioned three other people you went thought training with. However you only mentioned the names of two of the people you trained with. Do you now remember who the third person was?
Howell: “Your guy got that f@#$%d-up. I told the cops what I knew –I trained with four other people – not three. We were part of one group – there were at lest 8 groups that we seen – maybe more.”
Brenda: Do you know what kind of activities these other groups were being trained for?
Howell: “I don’t know. Probably the same s@#t we were learning – I mean, we sometimes trained together on some stuff.”
Brenda: What kind of training did you receive at the camp – what did you train with others to do?
Howell: “The usual stuff I guess – making pipe bombs, mixing chemical explosives – ya know, military s@*t.”
Brenda: James, could you be more specific – what do you mean by military (expletive)– were you ever in the military?
Howell: “No I never made that trip but I have seen a lot of deep s*%t. I think everyone had his or her own thing going on. They taught several of us how to shoot – others were taught how to blow s**t up. All of us had to take our turns in the gas room….”
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